The air from Heaven using a medical grade compressor!


What is a PAPR?

PAPR is a Powered Air Purifying Respirator and our “pure powered air “ is coming from the dental compressor.

What is the Airframe PAPR?

The Airframe PAPR is a unique and innovative device common in hospital Intensive Care Units. Airframe PAPR is an affordable, safe, and comfortable option for dental professionals. 

Traditional PAPRs are 

  1. Expensive
  2. Time-consuming to clean
  3. Cumbersome to wear

The Airframe PAPR solves these issues by using the existing clean dry free air supply from our compressors. 

The concept involves using a hat, cap, or visor with a bill. We call it suspension, which is not included with the product but something almost everyone has (and hopefully would buy new). Your favorite team, alma mater, or logo can provide a nice personal touch.



Included with the frame will be ten feet of medical-grade ⅛ inch tubing, a thumbscrew regulator valve adjustable along the tubing length that slows the airflow to an acceptable volume and decibel level.


The frame will have three traditional shields. The shields are intuitive to install and remove and two extra shields are included. Should more shields be needed they will be available for $14 plus shipping.


The standard office disinfectant works well on the exterior.


The device is connected to the dental unit by intercepting the air supply to the three-way syringe. It is simple to install by inserting a tee (supplied) that will allow the ⅛ inch tubing to exit the unit. Usually, there are several points of exit available.

Are you looking for the Instruction Manual? Click here: AirFramePAPR Instruction Manual

Air Frame PAPR - Dr. Don Acomb, DDS

Customized & Comfortable

The Airframe PAPR replaces the surgical headwrap with a sports cap. This feature allows for extra space and distance between the face and the poly-carbonate shield. This allows a dentist, hygienist, and assistant to comfortably use loupes. This is an issue that many dentists are currently experiencing with their current face shields and PAPRs.

Wearing a PAPR is like wearing a watch for the first time. After a short time, it is not so strange.

We recommend suspension hats with velcro size adjustments. Also, a tennis type visor is especially practical for persons with long ponytails or hair that has to be kept up while working. If you have any questions about whether AirFrame will work with your visor don’t hesitate to ask. We also offer a 30 return policy on all of our PAPR’s.

Testimonials From Satisfied Customers


Cooper - RDH

I wish I could have put more stars but only 5 were available. Really like how the venting and shield divert the odors from patient care, Also really enjoy the personal cooler effect that the venting provides when wearing the vented shield with all the new ppe. The shield provides protection from splatter from blood and debris when performing hygiene procedures.. Thank you Dr. Acomb with the opportunity for providing these great shields in the office.


Dr. Hawke

I found the PAPR very comfortable and I immediately had confidence in the air keeping the space between my face and the mask clean. I do not like doing any procedures any longer without the unit on my head and face. An excellent solution for a difficult problem.

Andrews - RDH

I have been using the Airframe PAPR since October 2020. It has made me feel so much safer. I have not been ill or contracted COVID-19. I do not smell any odors which is nice. This is a great device for the dental team. I do not want to practice a single day without it!

Why Do I Need Airframe PAPR?

Covid may soon be gone and I have received the vaccine or I can get one. Why do I want this? Because this virus is mutating and will likely never be gone. The longer it is around the more it will change, and what we are hearing is too many of us have no plans for vaccination. The government can not force one to be vaccinated. Medical personal, dental included, will have no choice but to treat all, vaccinated or not. In fact, I would not be surprised to learn we can’t ask the question. Not much surprises me anymore. Private business is another matter and a possible saving grace might be no admittance without a vaccination “ID”.

However, will ID’S be faked, even looked at, for how long? The short of it is, the future is as uncertain as ever but we learned something. Being prepared helps, and the Airframe along with a comfortable N95 mask will help. AIRBORNE IS WHAT SCARES US MOST!  Long latency like HIV scares us second. Put latency, airborne, and high mortality together and contagious as covid, well you will need more than all the above. Like MERS could have been if as contagious. For now, just consider what is available. Important disclaimer here, the FDA says no one can claim disease prevention or mitigation with a device without FDA approval. So we are making no such claims except to say that many experiments involving smoke, perfume, and most significantly, odors of necrosis are greatly abated or completely eliminated. When perfume experiments are done the mask may need changing if it is “perfumed” before the air supply is turned on!

Of course, we will be seeking FDA approval but in the meantime, we believe there is still a certain urgency to get the product out to the dental profession. There are any number of us who wish to practice as safely as possible but can not or will not get a vaccine. Pregnancy or planning pregnancy, allergy issues, or simply have a conflict with a vaccine philosophy.

At this time it is uncertain if ppe’s will be a tax credit. If so FDA approval will certainly help with that. Approval could be six months to a year.

A final product note. The shield, ie the polycarbonate visor, offers great protection of itself. However if one has excellent eye protection and an excellent mask, the air current alone may be all a practitioner might require to have a comfortable patient experience. The mild claustrophobic effect some of us experience will be lifted and the decibel levels mitigated while still getting odor elimination/reduction we greatly appreciate. But when stuff is flying all over the shield is just lovely.  YEP, I HAVE TWO.  One with and another teed out without. Only because I have been vaccinated, the hygienist uses a shield of course!!

Don Acomb DDS

Inventor & Founder

  • Graduate of Ohio State University, BS
  • Graduate of Ohio State University, DDS
  • Captain of United States Army
  • Life Member of the American Dental Association
  • Member of the Arizona State Dental Association
  • 15 Year Board Member & Former President of the Pima Dental Association
  • Practicing Member of the Advisory Board of Arizona Health Care Containment System (AHCCS)
  • Currently Practicing Dentistry in Tucson, Arizona and Enjoying it!


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Extra visors are $14 each or $12 if an order of 10 or more is placed.

Pricing is $124 per unit.

We have a 30-day return policy and return labeling with a splicing repair part will be included.


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